Some Helpful Python References

Last updated 8/15/19
Mr. Hays, Computer Programming, Analy High School Documentation (They have a tutorial there, somewhat advanced, but quite informative.)

Hands-on Python Tutorial from a professor at Loyola University Chicago (An amazingly thorough tutorial, with exercises, and examples.)

WikiBooks Python 3 for non-programmers online book (Looks promising and helpful.)

Online Python tutorial

Hitchhiker's Guide to Python (contains several links to several helpful options.)

Learn Python Programming by Example

A Byte of Python book (This book is available online at this link or as a PDF (both down near the bottom of this page.) It seems to be a helpful reference.)

An Online Python 3 Tutorial from the University of Waterloo (Create a login, save your progress, work through at your own pace)

Invent with Python (Learn how to program by making computer games), (a free online book that seems to have great info in it)

Free books on programming (including Python) at Green Tea Press

Online Python Tutor (interactive web-based site that lets you run Python scripts and watch what is happening, line by line, very cool!)